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Medicine is a Call to Political Action: Torture and Our Refugee Patients

As we progress in our clinical training, we accumulate stories. We carry the stories of patients who have changed us in unforgettable ways, stories shared with us by the ill or dying, and we too enter into the lives and stories of our patients. We bear witness to extraordinary pain and joy, yet I often feel helpless in the face of the fundamental causes of our patients’ health problems: inequality, structural violence, and political history. This, to me, is our profession’s call to advocacy, to stand for the health of our patients and communities. Nearly 100,000 refugees have come to Minnesota alone in the last 30 years, bringing rich histories, culture, and values to the state. Many have al

Shelter for asylum seekers is denied federal funding | 4 ways you can take action

"Freedom House has been a key partner with the University of Michigan's Asylum Clinic since its inception in 2013. Our partnership has been fruitful for both asylum seekers applying for legal status and for furthering humanistic medical education. Freedom House lawyers have directly contributed to medical student education through lunch talks and yearly asylum training sessions. Moreover, a majority of the forensic evaluations at our clinic are for Freedom House residents. As part of our Patient History Project, Medical Students volunteered at Freedom House throughout the year to document medical histories in an EMR for residents, which not only served as a way for medical students to learn

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