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2020 Conference Recorded Sessions

Watch video recordings of sessions from our 2020 PHR national student conference hosted by the CUNY School of Medicine and PHR Student Advisory Board on November 20-21, 2020.

Slides and links to other resources shared by our speakers will be posted under each video.

You can also view the full playlist of recordings on our YouTube channel by clicking HERE



November 20, 2020

The Impact of COVID-19 on Children: Why Student Advocacy Matters

Speaker: Dr. Katherine Peeler, pediatric critical care physician at Boston Children's Hospital


November 21, 2020

Greetings & Opening Remarks

Speakers: Dr. Holly Atkinson, CUNY School of Medicine Clinical Professor and Past President of PHR, and Susannah Sirkin, PHR Director of Policy and Senior Advisor

Engaging in Social Justice as a Physician

Speakers: Alan Jones, chair of the board of director for PHR, and Dr. Francisco G. Cigarroa, transplant surgeon at UT Health San Antonio

On Moral Injury: A War Correspondent's Perspective

Speaker: Janine di Giovanni, Senior Fellow and Professor at Yale University's Jackson Institute for Global Affairs

Brief encounters that last a lifetime: an immigrant neurosurgeon’s reflections on American exceptionalism, George Floyd, sunlight, and race

Speaker: Dr. Jacques Morcos, Professor and Co-Chairman of the Department of Neurological Surgery at the University of Miami

PHR Student Advisory Board Advocacy Initiatives Update

Speaker: Rebecca Leff, PHR Student Advisory Board Advocacy Committee

COVID-19 & Women's Reproductive Health & Gender Based Violence

Speaker: Dr. Deborah Ottenheimer, director of the Women's Holistic Health Initiative at Harlem United

Climate Change & Human Rights

Speaker: CUNY School of Medicine Green for Gaea

PHR's Asylum Program During COVID-19

Speakers: Melissa Baker, Madeline Cohen, Katrin Jaradeh, Pooja Shah, PHR Student Advisor Board Asylum & Refugee Committee

COVID-19 & Asylum Seekers, Detention Centers, & Immigrant Essential Workers at the U.S.-Mexico Border

Speaker: Yael Schacher, Senior U.S. advocate at Refugees International

COVID-19 and Global Refugee Populations

Speaker: Devon Cone, Senior Advocate for Women and Girls at Refugees International

COVID-19 and Yemen's Humanitarian Crisis

Speaker: Philippe Nassif, Advocacy Director for the Middle East & North Africa at Amnesty International

Censorship & Uyghur Muslims

Speaker: Joanne Lin, National Director for Advocacy and Government Affairs at Amnesty International

Panel : Attacks on Healthcare, Treatment of Healthcare Workers in the Pandemic, and COVID-19's Impact on Global Healthcare Systems

Speakers: Dr. Hani Mowafi, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Chief of Global Health & International Emergency Medicine at the Yale School of Medicine, Christina Wille, Director of Insecurity Insight and the Aid in Danger Project, and Dr. Muffadal Hamadeh, President of the Syrian American Medical Society

PHR Advocacy & Discussion Session including Crowd Control Weapon Use by U.S Law Enforcement, Attacks on Medics and Peaceful Protestors, Post-Election Safety, and more

Speakers: Michael Payne, PHR interim advocacy director, Dr. Rohini Haar, PHR medical advisor, and Kevin Short, PHR media relations manager

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