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More Information about PHR's Student-Run Asylum Programs


  • The PHR asylum & refugee listserv sends out information on upcoming events (including PHR conferences/initiatives, as well as asylum evaluation trainings).

  • If you and/or members of your asylum clinic wish to join the PHR asylum & refugee clinic listserv, you can subscribe here.


  • If your clinic is hosting an asylum evaluation training that you would like to be advertised through PHR channels, please send us the information here.

  • Asylum clinic trainings are published regularly on PHR's website here and further shared on their social media accounts.

New Leadership

  • If your clinic has recently transitioned leadership, please send the names and emails of the new leaders to so we can keep our records updated and ensure that clinic leaders are kept in the loop.

  • Additionally, if you have further questions or are interested in starting an asylum clinic at your institution, please contact us at PHR's Asylum Clinic Guide also has a wealth of information to help answer any questions.


  • Seeking asylum is a human right that not only saves lives and provides protection from unspeakable violence, but offers those fleeing terrible atrocities a chance to start over.

  • PHR’s team of researchers work on the front lines at the U.S.-Mexico border, documenting the unthinkable violence and persecution that asylum seekers have experienced and ensuring the right to seek asylum is protected in the United States.

  • For 30 years, PHR has provided forensic evaluations to asylum seekers, 90% of whom are granted asylum.

  • Please consider making a donation to PHR today. Your gift today is critical to helping us keep up this fight.

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