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The PHR National Student Advocacy Committee is undertaking a narrative project to create a space for patients and health personnel to share stories that are grounded in lived experiences and demonstrate the persistent challenges surrounding reproductive justice in the United States and worldwide.  


We aim to give voice to those who wish to speak about their experience with healthcare systems in the context of reproductive health care. As a collective, these narratives will serve as a platform to advocate for reproductive justice, encompassing comprehensive, accessible reproductive health care and expanding abortion rights, in particular for vulnerable populations. We hope these narratives will capture the interplay of race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and politics that encapsulate the fight for reproductive rights--our stories a call to action against continued threats to reproductive justice. 


©2020 Zabed Hasnanin Chowdhury/Sipa USA via AP Images

Submit your narrative! Media forms accepted:

  • Photos/Captions

  • Written Narratives (poems, essays, etc.) 

    • Max: 1000 words

  • Videos/Documentaries​

Example pieces:

Send submissions to with subject line: “Reproductive Justice Project”

Questions? Please contact

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