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The Physicians for Human Rights Student Advisory Board is proud to announce the launch of  a free introductory asylum medicine online curriculum for medical students and health professionals interested in conducting forensic medical and psychiatric evaluations. Completion of this training will prepare you to perform forensic evaluations independently or at PHR-affiliated asylum clinics.

This online curriculum was created by the Asylum Medicine Training Initiative and sponsored by the Cambridge Health Alliance, UCSF, PHR, the Society of Asylum Medicine, and Johns Hopkins. 

List of Modules

1. Historical Legal Background
2. Trauma Informed Interview
3. Forensic Mental Health Evaluation
4. Forensic Physical Evaluation
5. Affidavit Writing & Testifying
6. Pediatric Forensic Evaluations
7. Sexual & Gender-Based Violence
8. Traumatic Brain Injury
9. Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity & Asylum
10. Evaluations in Detention
11. Vicarious Trauma & Resilience

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