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The Physicians for Human Rights National Student Program advocates for the health of all children. We advocate for the protection of children’s rights to help meet children’s basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential in line with the provisions and principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Our new partnership with the International Society for Social Pediatrics and Child Health aims to provide you as a medical trainee with the tools you need to become a powerful advocate for the health and human rights of children globally.


The Effects of Armed Conflict on Children

Children are increasingly exposed to armed conflict and targeted by governmental and nongovernmental combatants. Armed conflict directly and indirectly affects children’s physical, mental, and behavioral health. It can affect every organ system, and its impact can persist throughout the life course. It is important for health professionals to address all rights relevant to children affected by armed conflict if optimal health and development are to be realized.

Child Asylum Seekers, Refugees, and internally displaced persons (IDPs)

Since 2014, hundreds of thousands of children and their families have migrated to the US, fleeing the violence in their home countries in the northern triangle of Central America. Yet the Trump administration’s overriding political goal of deterring immigration has seen the implementation of policies that intentionally disregard   the rights and basic needs of children fleeing war, climate change, or corruption. Internationally, over half of the world’s refugees are children.



The devastating impact of COVID-19 globally has made starkly clear how critical it is to take preventative action. The current system of detaining children in ever larger groups, and for longer periods of time, increases their severe health risks and the likelihood of human rights violations. Join us to learn why you as a medical trainee should advocate for detained immigrant children.

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