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Collaborate With the Student Advisory Board

Do you have an idea for an advocacy campaign?

Is your PHR chapter hosting an upcoming event that you would like to publicize?

Want us to highlight your recent PHR chapter event?

Want us to publicize your research or Op-Ed?

Do you have a research idea regarding health and human rights?

We can help!

Read on more below about our Media Request Form

Please fill out our medial request form for any material or upcoming events that you would like shared on our website, email listservs, or social media accounts. This form can also be used to share ideas for advocacy campaigns, research or scholarship relevant to human rights, and opinion pieces authored by health professionals and students.


This form can be used by members of the PHR national student advisory board or members of individual PHR chapters at universities and medical schools. When deciding what to share with us, keep in mind that information submitted will be made publicly available and shared nationally with all members of the PHR national student program. Upon submitting this form, you will receive an email with a copy of the submission as well as a link to make additional edits as needed. 

As a general guide, please complete form submissions at least ONE WEEK prior to the date you would like the submitted material to be distributed. 

If you are requesting any assistance from the media committee in creating publicity materials, please fill out this form at least TWO WEEKS in advance.

Event Advertising: Please complete this form at least SEVEN DAYS prior to the event. Please share any relevant flyers or speaker bios. If the speakers or organizations involved have any social media handles (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok), please be sure to share them.

Website Updates: If possible, upload a Word or Google document with the formatted text and images that you would like to be added to the website. If you have a request for any special features, please let us know and a member of the media team will be in touch.

Advocacy Campaigns: We are happy to work with SAB members and PHR chapters to create advocacy campaigns around topics of interest and current events. Advocacy campaigns will be shared widely on our website and set up on ResistBot so individuals can email their elected representatives.

Research Ideas: Share with us any new research findings or scholarship (including abstracts, posters, presentations, reports, and publications) that would benefit from greater viewership. If you are conducting scholarship or research that would benefit from survey distribution or collaborators across multiple institutions, please let us know using this form. 


Sharing Op-Ed: We are happy to share and promote opinion pieces written by health professionals and students. We will work with you to edit content, will post content on our website blog, and share on social media channels.


Chapter Event Highlight: We want to promote the work of our chapters! Send us photos or stories of successful events or programming you may have held.


Please email us at with "MEDIA REQUEST" in the subject line. 

Your 2022-23 PHR SAB Media Committee
Arvind Suresh

Omar Taweh

Michele Naideck

Sameena Shameed

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