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PHR Student Program Advocacy Project: Asylum Seeker Experiences During COVID-19

The Advocacy Team of PHR’s Student Advisory Committee is starting a project/campaign to gather information about asylum seekers’ or refugees’ experiences in the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are hoping to ultimately collect these thoughts into an advocacy and policy document in order to relay the different experiences throughout the US, and possibly create a short video about this topic. 

We are asking each chapter who would like to participate to fill out the questionnaire below.  Any specific statistics from your clinic and/or specific examples(without names) are welcome additions but not mandatory and should be included in the free text box below or sent to

Additionally, if you have or can create any video footage pertaining to this (whether it be an NGO worker, medical student, asylum seeker, refugee, undocumented immigrant, B-roll, physician who works with asylum seekers or complexes forensic evaluations etc.), please send any clips to us! Remember zoom recordings count. Be creative! We will edit everything into a final piece. We can only do this with your help! We want to tell your stories.

When we advocate we advocate based on evidence. Your answers to this survey testify to your experience during the pandemic and allow us to advocate on behalf of the refugees and asylum seekers you serve.

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